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Vic shoots an exciting role on the CBS hit Criminal Minds.

Vic plays a role on a legendary project....and he can’t tell anybody about it. Check back with him in 2015.

Vic stars in an awesome new ad campaign. Can’t reveal the product just yet, but below are some pix from the shoot:

Vic goes to New Orleans to shoot American Ultra, an exciting new feature film starring Jesse Eisenberg.

Vic is now represented by Sovereign Talent Group and is excited to work with agents Tom Cook, Nancy Moon-Broadstreet, Sara Schedeen, and Peter Young.

Vic shoots an episode of the soap opera classic, The Young & The Restless.

Vic guest-stars on Hulu’s Quick Draw as real-life martial arts legend Wong Fei Hung. Quick Draw is an all-improvised comedy Western series with a phenomenally talented staff, cast, and crew.

Vic shoots a commercial with Gordon Ramsay. Contrary to his fiery on-camera persona, Gordon was very friendly and exceedingly professional. Gordon made Vic’s day by fist-bumping him after their scene. Click here for the full commercial.

Vic does voiceover work for the latest Batman video game.

Vic does voiceover work for The Crew video game, a Ubisoft game releasing in 2014.

Vic works on a special project that is so confidential, he can’t tell you anything about it. But it will be an amazing movie.

Vic shoots Walk of Shame, a feature film starring Elizabeth Banks. It’s reminiscent of The Hangover, but the lead is much cuter.

Vic returns to General Hospital as D.A. Daniel Chen. Vic’s latest episode will air March 8th.

It was an honor and an inspiration to speak to the students at Mary Star of the Sea High School. On the whiteboard above, Vic reveals the secret to success, which is “HARD WORK” (not “HARD WCPK,” as it may appear)

World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria has been released. Finally the world can hear what Vic sounds like as a Warrior Panda.

Vic appears on the season finale of TV Land’s The Exes. The episode, “Pirates of the Care of Eden” features a hilarious cast and script, plus a female lead makes a pass at Vic’s character! Score one for Asian guys.

It hasn’t been confirmed yet, but it looks like Vic may be cast in Olympus Has Fallen, the upcoming Gerard Butler movie shooting later this year.

Sleeping Dogs (formerly True Crime: Hong Kong), a video game that Vic voiced, is now released for PlayStation 3, XBOX 360, and Microsoft Windows.

Vic does voiceover on the survival first-person-shooter video game Bioshock Infinite scheduled for release in early 2013.

VIC GUEST-STARS ON ABC’S GENERAL HOSPITAL ON FRIDAY, JUNE 29TH, 2012 AS DISTRICT ATTORNEY DANIEL CHEN. Vic was first offered this recurring role in April but turned it down because he was already booked. Vic was honored that General Hospital brought him back anyway to shoot in June.

Vic snarls, growls, and attacks on multiple episodes of Grimm. Who knew making monster noises could be so much fun?

Vic shoots ABC’s Body Of Proof as Doctor Scott.

Vic voices characters for World Of Warcraft, Kinect Disneyland Adventures, and additional video games for Microsoft Kinect and 2K (due to confidentiality reasons, Vic can’t reveal anything more).

Vic shoots a guest-starring role on NBC’s supernatural thriller The Event. Due to confidentiality reasons, Vic can’t reveal anything more about the role except to say that...nope, he can’t reveal that either.

VIC IS A SERIES REGULAR ON THE NEW UNTITLED BRENDA HAMPTON PILOT!!! This is a new pilot for ABC Family created by Brenda Hampton, the creator of the long-running 7th Heaven and the ABC Family hit The Secret Life Of The American Teenager. If the pilot gets picked up, it is believed that Vic’s family on the show could be the first ever Asian American family on a prime time drama!

MEGA SHARK VS GIANT OCTOPUS IS SWEEPING THE INTERNET!  The movie, starring Vic Chao, Deborah Gibson, and Lorenzo Lamas has been profiled in Aint It Cool News, LA Times, New York Post, The Guardian, People, Entertainment Weekly, Best Week Ever, The Onion AV Club, and Angry Asian Man just to name a few.  The YouTube Trailer and MTV Trailer have each registered close to a million hits.  Vic has screened the movie and will be sharing his thoughts on the movie, the actors, and inside tips to watch for as well as photos on his blog.

Vic just network tested for the CBS pilot Washington Fields.  It went down to just two people for a great series regular role on this FBI-centered drama.  While the network test went extremely well, unfortunately the role went to the other candidate.  Vic is disappointed, but happy to have been part of an exhilarating, mentally exhausting, triumphant, and heartbreaking process.  He will post some blogs soon on the process.

Vic recurs on the FOX hit show 24 as FBI Agent Mark Dornan.  Vic recurred previously in season 4 as CTU Agent McCallan and was honored to be brought back for the final season of 24 as a new character.

Vic wraps shooting on Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus, starring Lorenzo Lamas, Deborah Gibson, and Vic.  Vic plays Dr. Shimada, the love interest to Deborah Gibson’s character Emma McNeil.  Vic can now say that he’s made out with Deborah Gibson in a broom closet---yeah it was for a scene in the movie, but that still counts.

Vic plays Dr. Shamada in the Electronic Arts video game Command & Conquer Red Alert 3: Uprising, to be released on March 12.